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Chef Him Uy de Baron of Babu

Chef Him Uy de Baron of Babu

Published Sep 19 2022

One of the best parts of traveling to a new country is discovering the food they have to offer. Arguably, Southeast Asia has the most colorful culinary selection, thanks to street food and hawker centres that serve as a melting pot for cuisines from all over Asia.

Babu at Stall 8 celebrates the delicious selection of hawker centres, bringing together the flavors of Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia in one spot. We talk to Chef Him Uy de Baron of Babu about his favorite hawker-centre food and what else he loves to eat at The Grid.

The Grid Food Market (TGFM): What’s the meaning of the name Babu? - not sure Charles suggested and it stuck. 

Chef Him Uy de Baron (HUB): Babu’s food is inspired by hawker-centre food.

TGFM: What’s your favorite hawker-centre food?

HUB: Too many: Chicken rice, laksa, sate, oyster cake

TGFM: Aside from Babu food, what’s your go-to stall at The Grid?

HUB: A lot also! Spice-bird (Editor's Note: No longer at The Grid), Pilya's, Kitchen, Tsuke-men, Samyan and Flowerboy. 

TGFM: You’re also teaching online cooking classes at Himpossible Recipes. What’s the one dish or cuisine you’ve been dying to host a class for?

HUB: Izakaya and Cocktail class. 

TGFM: What’s your advice for first-time home cooks?

HUB: Be curious and confident.